We transform human needs
into sustainable business models.

So you can

innovate smarter. faster. better.

So you can innovate smarter. faster. better.

We help you transform meaningful insights into
the most humanly possible experiences.


We strongly believe in:

Human spirit

We respect and charish every human.


We provoke the present and initiate humanly desirable futures.


We practice maximum transparancy with zero bullshit.


We aim to empower 1 billion humans so they can positively transform their lives.


We take into account the next generations of humans.


We make room for clarity, the natural born child of simplicity and focus.

Finish stuff

We stick to the plan until the job is done.


We are here for the next 100 years.

Pinten Manifesto

We started Pinten because we realized that access to honest innovation is limited. A few major causes like: superficial execution, high costs, lack of principles or poor leadership come out so often among innovation consultants and it’s unacceptable.

We learned that great businesses, products and services…

Proud to be based in Bucharest, Romania

(a good-hearted emerging technology hub)


Geeky facts about Bucharest:

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