We serve as an independent human-centred design companion, committed to your honest innovation

We believe innovation starts with a simple question and continues in an agile way for as long as you want to play in the league of impactful businesses. Always based on hard facts, we help you test multiple hypotheses and solve the ever-evolving challenges while keeping your customers in the center all the time.

How we help you innovate

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Discover insights

We carefully prepare and ask the appropriate questions, listen, emphatise and focus our attention for a deep understanding. It’s natural for us to be humble to your customers. After all, we’re here to explore and discover valuable business insights, not to tell you what you already know. Being from outside your organisation is a great advantage because we approach the industry with fresh eyes. We discover the tiny pieces and can help you reconstruct the whole industry from bottom up if needed, because we’re always starting with the people and keep them in the center all the time. Because of this approach we are able to dive deep into the people’s, habits, struggles and emotions. And is no surprise when we discover new needs, new expectations or new behaviours. All these insights and more are helping you discover or rediscover your end customers. Moreover, a ton of business ideas will pop-up and quite a few will make a lot of sense for further experiments.

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Experiment fast

At this moment our aim is to help you avoid the trap of falling in love with what seems to be a great idea. Because jumping directly to developing the product or service is expensive, time consuming and isolates you from the reality. We need to find the bad news as soon as possible, learn from real users feedback and iterate fast. Basically we keep building, measuring outcomes and learning from our own mistakes until enough customers tell us to take the idea to the next stage and make it real. It means we have enough hard facts to believe that your future product or service it’s on the way to become feasible, desirable and viable.
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Make it real

Guess what? You are a start-up now. With a name, a mission, an identity, a Minimul Viable Product (MVP) and the most important, a devoted team. And to keep improving the product or service you need to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive and further develop a culture where the customers remain in the center of all your actions all the time. While your customers are buying and using your product over and over again, proving you have a high degree of product/market fit, we’ll help you sharpen the business model, aiming to clarify the growth and sustainability of your young company. Testing will play its part in a long run to maintain agility, but it’s also important to increase the quality of the product. And part of this approach is to discover and build a competitive advanatge wich will put your business on the track for meaningful growth and scaling up.

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The real challange for your company is to start having impact. It implies to be able to deliver a better quality to 1000 customers per month than to those 50 customers per month you had one year ago. For this to happen you need strong leadership to sustain the healthy growth of your team and to build the proper processes to delight each customer. Expanding your business is hard, that’s why you’ll need to attract those strategic partners who believe in your mission as much as you do and who would bring the necessary resources in times of joy or trouble. And regardless of how great your NPS (Net Promoter Score) would be, along with the rest of the KPIs, we can help you further innovate while other competitors will try to copy your existing business model.

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